Upon registration on LUKA KOPER 2nd Virtual Istrian Marathon, participants can decide to run on the route of the Circular footpath Seča, on the section of which the time measurement will be performed on 7 November 2021.

As part of the LUKA KOPER 2nd Virtual Istrian Marathon, an event “My Seča run” will be held on Sunday, 7 November 2021 in cooperation with Portorož Tourist Board. The event includes independent running, Nordic walking or walking along the route of the Circular footpath Seča, and time measurement on a section of the route at the end of the Seča peninsula. Participants can participate in this event by selecting one of the available time intervals.

All participants are included in the draw for attractive prizes of Portorož Tourist Board, the best on the route section where time is measured, receive special prizes. Registration for the “My Seča run” event is only possible by selecting PACKAGE 2.

Time intervals:

  1. 9.00 – 11.00
  2. 11.00 – 13.00
  3. 13.00 – 15.00

The number of runners is limited to 50 participants per hour.

Running is not competitive. Participants measure their time and route on the entire Circular footpath Seča BY THEMSELVES with a tracking application (eg. Strava) or a running watch and take a photo and attach it when submitting the result. The organizer provides time measurement only on the section of the route at the end of the Seča peninsula.

All registered participants of the eventMy Seča run” receive materials from PACKAGE 2, printed BIB number with a chip and time measurement on the route section of the Circular footpath Seča on Sunday, 7 November 2021.

PCT (RVT) requirements (recovered/vaccinated/tested) are mandatory for participation.

Participants of “My Seča run” run at their own risk and follow the currently valid measures and recommendations for limiting the COVID-19 virus. There will be no security on the route, nor will there be organized pre-run warm-up, changing rooms and transport to the venue.

Registrations will be accepted until 12 November 2021 until 8 pm (registrations and payments for My Seča run” until 2 November 2021).

Registration is possible through the registration form.